Dealer Approved Used Caravans For Sale, Western Cape - Cape Town, Bellville, Paarl, Cape Winelands

Dealer Approved Used Caravans For Sale, Western Cape
Cape Town, Bellville, Paarl, Cape Winelands

2000 Gypsey Rapier
This Gypsey Rapier is so incredibly neat. Like a fine wine, this caravan has aged beautifully. This Rapier comes with the following:  Full tent, double door fridge, wash basin, gas stove and a 6 month warranty. 
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2009 Sprite Swing
This Sprite Swing looks like it was wrapped up, hidden away and never used. It is as neat as a pin. This guy has the full tent, gas stove, wash basin, double door fridge and 6 month warranty.
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2016 Bush Lapa Miskruier for sale
CARA-CAMP is proud of its appointment as a Bush Lapa dealer - arguably the best built off-road caravans available in South Africa. Ingenious off-road caravans for the adventurer who travels off the beaten track but likes fuss-free convenience. A new Miskruier...
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2017 Jurgens Xplorer
This guy was the previous creation of our very own boss, Ben Barber. He made some very practical modifications that any camper would be happy for. This Xplorer has the following: 12v/220v battery system hot water geyser 90L national luna fridge gas stove ...
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2005 Jurgens Xplorer
The legendary Jurgens Xplorer. Since 1998, although you feel like its been around longer! More than capable for any trip this should be your staple choice when looking for a value for money in used off-road caravans. This Xplorer is stock standard and comes wi...
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2014 Jurgens Fleetline
Beauty is an understatement with this guy! The Jurgens Fleetline is pure class. This guy comes with  Full tent gas stove wash basin microwave oven double door fridge crockery island bed spare wheel
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2003 Gypsey Regal Blue Series
Here at Tygerberg Caravans, we have some favourites. We try not to be biased as each camper and their needs are different but the Blue Series Regal, how can you not be biased. This caravan deserves a hundred thumbs up. The legend comes with the following: Ful...
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2018-04-25 07:54:14
We are always looking for older caravans but are often let down by the condition of them. Then came this one.......Incredibly neat Gypsey perfect for the couple. This caravan is almost 2 decades old,yet looks like its lived on a showroom floor its hole life. T...
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2016 Sprite Tourer SW
The Tourer came late to the "gravel road" party of its smaller siblings, namely the Tourer SP and Tourer SC. but man, did the Tourer SW make an entrance. In 2014 when the Tourer was launched, it quickly became the top seller through out the country, giving cam...
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2014 Tourer SP
The new kid on the block in 2010, the Tourer SP gravel road caravan has only but improved over the years. Heavy duty axle, larger wheels, nudge bars, all contribute the gravel road capability of this caravan. This caravan in particular has had some decent modi...
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